Board Members

2023-2024 Webster Central Executive Board

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Please join us in thanking our all-volunteer Executive Board.  Board members may serve up to two consecutive one-year terms in each position.  Terms begin July 1 and end June 30.  We invite you to contact any Board member at any time.  

Please note: We seek new volunteers for all open positions.  Please consider joining us!

2024 - 2025 OPEN 

Board Positions

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All job descriptions may be found here.

23-24 Central Executive Team

Mike Lingle (term limit 2025)



Vice President


Tammy White (term limit 2025)


Demet Guler (term limit 2025)


Amy Rotoli (term limit 2025)

Central Asst. Financial Manager


Melissa Schmitt (term limit 2025)

1st VP, Elementary Schools


Judi Hoffer (term limit 2024)

2nd VP, Secondary Schools

Jennifer Hryhorenko (term limit 2025)

3rd VP, Communications

Jennifer Hryhorenko (term limit 2025)

Community Arts Day Vice-Chair

23-24 Central Committee Board Members (appointed) 

Mandy Kresge 

Special Education PTA Chair


Parents Advocating for Challenge in Education Chair

Zoey Hryhorenko

Membership Chair


Advocacy Chair


Stacie Peters

Program Chair

Lindsay Schrage 

Grant Chair


Recognition Chair

23-24 Building Committee Chair  Board Members

Rachel Palmesano (term limit 2024)

DeWitt Rd Building Co-Chair

Tammy White (term limit 2025)

DeWitt Rd Building Co-Chair


Carlyn Garrett (term limit 2025)

Klem Rd North Building Co-Chair

Aileen Calderon (term limit 2024)

Klem Rd South Building Co-Chair

Pamela Gierczak (term limit 2025)

Klem Rd South Building Vice-Chair


Alison Basch  (term limit 2025)

Plank Rd North Building Chair

Megan Santora (term limit 2025)

Plank Rd South Building Chair

Breana Noble (term limit 2025)

Schlegel Rd Building Chair


Carolyn Dumar (term limit 2025)

State Rd Building Chair

Amanda Clayton (term limit 2024)

Spry Building Chair


Alison Schoeffler (term limit 2024)

Willink Building Co-Chair

Lacey English (term limit 2025)

Willink Building Co-Chair

Stacie Peters (term limit 2025)

Schroeder Building Chair


Kim Kozlowski (term limit 2024)

Thomas Building Chair

WCPTSA Board Liaisons

School Board 

Janice Richardson & Linda Dioguardi

Webster Teachers Association

Linda Law